Margaret's Cleaning

Jobs I perform...

Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, emptying and removing trash, removing cobwebs, checking for fingerprints around light switches and on walls and more.  I also clean bathrooms and re-stock supplies (but I do not provide the toilet paper, paper towel, hand soap and so on).


I can do interior windows, but do not go outside to wash windows.  If your windows fold in from the inside, then I will happily get both sides.

I will wash interior and exterior glass entrance doors! 

If you are a business that has multiple offices with windows leading into each individual office area, then I will make sure those are free of fingerprints.  If your interior windows are not easily accessible, then I cannot clean them.  If they are blocked by desks or other furniture, then I cannot clean them. 

I DO NOT do ladders.  I can use a sturdy step stool, but I will not climb on a ladder.

Other cleaning...

I can sweep your outside entry area, clean your pets' bowls/mats, vacuum furniture and so on.  If you have your own small carpet cleaner, I can even clean your carpets.