Margaret's Cleaning


My name is Margaret Brown.  I've been cleaning in some capacity for over 20 years.  My mom used to clean houses, and I would even go with her as a child and "help" her.  She kept our house spotless, too, so I learned from the best!  She passed away in 2003 and is greatly missed.

My first cleaning job...

My first official cleaning job was cleaning a restaurant.  I was part of a team that included my parents.  We had to wipe down all equipment and appliances.  Scrub grease.  Mop floors.  Remove bar mats and clean those, then mop under them.  It was quite a job, but I enjoyed working with my family!

Other cleaning jobs I've had...

I co-owned a commercial janitorial servies for four years.  We cleaned offices, buildings, apartments, and a handful of houses.

I was Housekeeping Supervisor for a local motel, and also cleaned the dining/rest room areas of the attached restaurant.

I've cleaned houses on my own.  Banks, medical/dental offices and buildings and a church.


I am willing to work around your schedule to the best of my ability.  Spots fill up quickly, so call TODAY! or 231-903-2706 

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